Structured Assessment of Protective Factors for violence risk

The empirical body of evidence for the value of protective factors and the SAPROF is growing rapidly. Research studies on the SAPROF are currently taking place at many different institutions around the globe. However, many of these studies are still in progress or have not been published yet. For an impression of some of these research projects click here.

Studies by Michiel de Vries Robbé, Vivienne de Vogel and colleagues at the Van der Hoeven Kliniek, a Dutch forensic psychiatric hospital, as well as by other international authors show promising results in terms of reliability and predictive validity (see posters, articles, presentations and research chapter of the SAPROF 2nd Edition manual)

For an overview of the findings in the different research studies in The Netherlands, see the PhD dissertation by Michiel de Vries Robbé (2014). This thesis describes the findings from retrospective as well as prospective studies with violent and sexual offenders.

NEW - For a more recent overview (Dec 2015) of published works including the SAPROF please see Research - references.


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