Structured Assessment of Protective Factors for violence risk

Workshops in the SAPROF are offered in several languages. The following trainers have attended a SAPROF train-the-trainer program and are recognized as official SAPROF trainers (adult version).


- International (English): primary contacts Michiel de Vries Robbé (also Youth Version) ( / Ed Hilterman (Youth Version) 

- The Netherlands (Dutch): primary contacts Michiel de Vries Robbé ( / Vivienne de Vogel / Ellen van den Broek / Agnes Veldhuizen / Ed Hilterman (Youth Version) / Anneke Kleeven (Youth Version) 

- Canada (English): primary contact Michiel de Vries Robbé ( / Simone Viljoen / Alana Cook (

- Canada (French): primary contact Jean-Pierre Guay (

- US (English): primary contact David Thornton / Sharon Kelley (

- England/Wales (English): primary contacts

- Scotland (English): primary contacts

- Belgium (Dutch): primary contact adult version Astrid Boelaert (; primary contact Youth Version Nele van Hecke (

- Germany (German): primary contact Fritjof von Franqué (

- Italy (Italian): primary contact Margherita Spissu (

- Spain (Spanish): primary contact Ed Hilterman (

- Portugal (Portuguese): primary contact Ana Cristina Neves (

- Norway (Norwegian): primary contact Knut Rypdal

- Sweden (Swedish): primary contact Helena Jersak (

- Denmark (Danish): primary contact Tine Wobbe (

- Finland (Finnish): primary contacts Monica Monica Gammelgård ( and Saija Kinnunen (

- France / Switzerland (French): primary contact Valerie Moulin (

- Poland (Polish): primary contact Michal Nowopolski (

- Romania (Romanian): primary contact Raluca Prepelita

- Japan (Japanese): primary contacts Hiroko Kashiwagi ( and Aika Tomoto (

- Russia (Russian): primary contact Vera Bulygina

- Hong Kong (English): primary contact Anita Chan

- Singapore (English): primary contacts

  • MSF: Chi Meng Chu, Janice Tan, Gerald Zeng, Jennifer Teoh, Steven Tan, Melvinder Singh, Brennan Ong, Dominic Chong, Dongdong Li,  June Fong, Wei Tshen Ho, Kris North, Silma Begum Sulaiman, Lilian Koh (
  • Prison: Xiang Long Cheng (

- Australia (English): primary contacts

- New Zealand (English): primary contact Gwenda Willis (


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