Structured Assessment of Protective Factors for violence risk
SAPROF - Youth Version

Mental health professionals often inquired about the possibility of using the original SAPROF for juvenile offenders. We urge people not to use the adult SAPROF for young offenders as the tool was developed for and tested on adult offenders.

In 2013-2014 we developed the SAPROF - Youth Version (SAPROF-YV), an altogether new tool specifically for the assessment of protective factors for juveniles (12-18, possibly up to 23). As protective factors may be even more promising for the positive development of juvenile offenders, we hope the SAPROF-YV will provide to be a valuable addition to violence risk assessment for juvenile offenders.

Two pilot studies were carried out on the draft version of the SAPROF-YV in 2013. Results from these pilot studies as well as input from beta-testing by youth experts in the field was used to further develop the tool. The final SAPROF-YV manual was published in Dutch in November 2014. The English translation of the SAPROF-YV was published in March 2015 and the Spanish translation shortly thereafter. See also: SAPROF Youth Version.


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