Structured Assessment of Protective Factors for violence risk
English SAPROF

In 2009 the SAPROF was translated into English. Since then the instrument was translated from English many other languages. For the English SAPROF flyer click here. 

In 2012 the SAPROF 2nd Edition was published in English and Dutch. The item content of the SAPROF has not changed, however the Introduction chapter was updated and a research section was added. Please click here for an overview of the changes between the SAPROF 2nd Edition and the original SAPROF version 1

Please click here for the original English SAPROF coding sheet.

In 2013 we also published a coding sheet that includes a 5-point rating scale for the final judgements, as we experienced that a 5-point final judgement was clinically more useful and in addition research results were better with the 5-point scale. As authors of the SAPROF we are fine with the use of either the original 3-point or the new 5-point final judgement scale. Please click here to download the new 2013 coding sheet.

Please click here for the English SAPROF flyer.

Please click here for the English factsheet on the SAPROF.

Please click here for the new research chapter in the English SAPROF 2nd Edition manual.

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